I am a beginner in guitar, what instrument should I purchase?

For a beginner in guitar, we would recommend the following:

  • Type – Acoustic Guitar, you can purchase an electric guitar but that would also require an amplifier and/or cables.
  • Brands – Pluto, Granada, Yamaha, Fender (based on your budget)
  • Size – Full size
  • Preferable model is Yamaha F310 (Acoustic)
  • Additional Items – Plectrums (at least 10) and a clip-on tuner (to tune the guitar)


I am a beginner in keyboard/piano, what instrument should I purchase?

For a beginner in keyboard/piano, we would recommend the following beginner level keyboard(s) (61-key):

  • For small children, we recommend – Casio CTK 3200 (about 3.6kgs)
  • For older students, we recommend – Casio CTK 4400, Yamaha I455, Yamaha PSR E453 or Yamaha PSR E353
  • The two main criteria to look for in the keyboard is that is must have 61 keys and Touch Response.
  • Touch Response (Sensitive) means that the keyboard should sound loud if you play it with force whereas if you play it softly, the sound should be less – essentially, it responds to touch.


I am a beginner in drums, what should I purchase?

For a beginner in drums, we would recommend the following items:

  • Drum Sticks – We recommend to use sizes 2B or 5B sticks. (Recommended brands: Vic Firth Nova, Zildjian, Pro Mark)
  • Practice pads for hands – 12 inch size. Recommended brands: Muman, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Stagg (preferably purchase a practice pad that comes with a stand, if not please purchase a snare stand or a good strong stool to keep it on). This is very essential for a drum student to practice.
  • Bass drum Practice pads – Recommended brands: Mapex Falcon POP1000, Pearl BD10 (you will need to purchase pedals additionally – Recommended brands: Stagg PP50, TAMA HP30, Basix PD800)


Where can I purchase instruments for my child or myself?

  • The easiest way is to purchase online at www.amazon.com or www.bajaao.com
  • Local stores include Tone Zone (Opposite Brigade Metropolis) or Sound Glitz (Innovative Multiplex, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli)