71% of customers prefer to shop in-store; Fender and Hendrix the ultimate brand and guitar hero, says survey

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UK guitar nuts have cited Fender as their favourite brand and Jimi Hendrix as their ultimate guitar hero, whilst also showing a strong preference for physical retail over buying online, a new survey by MI retailer Dawsons has revealed.

Over 200 guitarists were asked to name their favourite brands, musicians and social media platforms, along with a host of other related questions.

Unsurprisingly, Fender and Gibson were far and away the most popular brands, with the former taking 28 per cent of the vote and the latter picking up 19 per cent. Epiphone came third with nine per cent.

When asked about their purchasing preferences, 71 per cent they would rather shop in-store than online. 22 per cent they preferred online shopping, while six per cent voted ‘other’.

The fight for ultimate guitar hero was a tightly contested affair, with Jimi Hendrix taking top spot (seven per cent) and Eric Clapton (six per cent) and Jimmy Page (five per cent) occupying second and third place respectively.

Elsewhere, respondents were divided over what they thought of Gibson’s G Force automatic tuners, with 49 per cent citing them as ‘a great invention’ and 20 per cent stating they were ‘the worst thing ever to happen’.

You can read the results in full at the Dawsons website, which also feature responses on social media usage, acoustic guitars, accessories, recording gear and more.