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Does BlueTimbre have Solo Classes? How does it work?

Solo classes are one to one classes. We offer solo classes for advanced students only. Classes will be held once a week and will be prefixed based on teacher/student schedule availability.  The fee structure for solo classes will be INR 4000 (plus GST) for one month. The fee is subject to changes from time to…

I am a Beginner in Music

Contact our offices or write to us at info@bluetimbre.com to set up a demo with a Teacher.   Here the teacher assess your capabilities and introduce you to the Fundamentals of the Performance course.

I have some prior knowledge in Music

BlueTimbre’s Demo class is designed to assess the student’s capabilities and place the student in the correct level. The teacher will then guide the student to the office manager who will either set up another demo session or place them in the correct level of the Performance Course batches.