Drums Classes


AGE CRITERIA: 14+ Years to Adults


FREQUENCY OF CLASSES: BlueTimbre will focus on teaching music on a weekly basis with 2 sessions, 1 weekday class and conduct workshops on various topics to cover a wider range in musicianship on Saturdays. Current level offered for the batch is Fundamentals (For Beginners).


INFRASTRUCTURE: BlueTimbre provides top notch Drum kits (both Acoustic and Electronic) and Drum pads (Hand and Bass Pads) in the classroom so that you don’t have to worry about bringing yours. Each student is assigned to an instrument and there is no overcrowding of sessions. However, students are still required to have instruments at home for practice.


PERFORMANCE: Students get a chance to perform at the end of their course, in addition, we offer performance evenings and open mic events, also, the top students also get to participate in our Annual Concerts at Popular stages such as Phoenix MarketCity Mall, Forum Mall etc.


CURRICULUM: Our Drums Curriculum is BlueTimbre’s world-class curriculum in line with international music standards. It is a course designed for modern contemporary Drummers. The course focuses on setting a solid foundation for your musical development by combining both theory and practical application.

  • The course starts with the fundamentals of music and fundamentals of the instruments along with technical exercises, reading and writing music, aural practices, improvisation techniques, workout pieces, music theory, music appreciation and general musicianship.
  • The course is a progressive curriculum starting from Fundamentals, to Debut Level, to Level 1 etc. all the way to Level 8. The curriculum is in line with international music curriculum.
  • Each student is assessed on enrolment and gets assigned to a certain level. Once the level has been completed, the student does an assessment to move to the next level.
  • This course allows you to develop your musical skills as a soloist, accompanist or an improviser.
  • Another highlight of the course is that you get to play and practice to popular song(s) backing tracks of professional quality.



  • Workshops: These are weekly group classes on various topics. Classes on Musicianship, Rhythm, Vocal Harmony and more.
  • Song Learning: Students will learn songs that they will be playing/performing for final performance.
  • Performance: Each batch at the end of 4 months will get to perform. Each student who enrols for a batch will be able to perform like a Rock Star!
  • Assessments & Certification: Students will go through an assessment towards the end of the 4 month course and will be issued a Certificate as well.
  • Jam Sessions: Students of a batch will start Jamming with peers to form bands and practice in preparation for their performance in the 3rd month of the course.


The 4 Months are structured as follows:

Months 1, 2 & 3 – Fundamentals of Music (Practical,Theory & Song Learning)
Month 4 – Jamming & Performance Preparation
End of Month 4 – Music Show Performance!


Upcoming Batches (start dates)

  1. 8th Jan 2020
  2. 20th Jan 2020


If you are interested to join this batch kindly fill up your details in the link given below. We offer limited seats only and works on a first come first serve basis.

Register Here : https://forms.gle/Sz3tP1PoGHo7g6pA8

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