Music Lessons

BlueTimbre Offers Music Lessons through our online site Music Pandit.








Music Pandit is a product that comes from a team with decades of experience in the field of Music Education, Performance and Curriculum Development. With great video lesson content and pdfs to support, along with Practice Routines to help a student learn better. A student can set goals within the site to track progress and improve on certain aspects. And while learning, submit videos for feedback from evaluators and get personalised expert feedback. All this alongside a fun Social Forum to interact with your peers.

It’s an experience unlike any other!


INSTRUMENTS OFFERED: You can choose one of the following – Piano, Guitar, Drums, Hindustani Vocals or Western Vocals.


AGE CRITERIA: Adults and 14 years+


TIME REQUIRED: For the online lessons, we recommend that you spend between 30-60 minutes, based on your time availability. We also recommend that you spend some time to practice whatever you learn in each lesson before moving to the next lesson.

INFRASTRUCTURE: For Music lessons, we recommend that you have the necessary instruments and equipment. You can find more information about what you need on Music Pandit.


CURRICULUM: Each course is carefully structured to get a complete beginner student to be able to sing or play an instrument. The courses are constructed to teach you techniques and musical concepts along with fundamentals of music, understanding rhythm, note values, how to read basic music notation and playing.

  • Over 50+ hours of Video lessons with PDF Course Material (for Reference)
  • Quizzes & Assessments – Real Feedback from Real Certified Instructors
  • Extensive Content with Goal Setting feature and reminders.
  • Social Forum to interact with peers and sign up for Musical Challenges
  • Keeping track of your learning is easy by picking up where you left off
  • Organised, step-by-step approach to learning


SIGN UP:  To sign up for our online Music lessons, just go to Music Pandit and begin!