What is BlueTimbre Music?

BlueTimbre is a Music Company that provide Music Education services and Recording Studio services. The BlueTimbre Music School is not a conventional Music School, it is very different. BlueTimbre’s aim has always been to create a generation of students (young or old) appreciate Music. BlueTimbre’s philosophy is to teach concepts, techniques and songs in such a manner that students can eventually play their favorite songs and keep learning new songs by themselves in the future.

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Why is BlueTimbre different from other Music Schools or Institutes?

Each class is structured with its own unique combination of topics to be covered for students to understand the concept(s) and song(s) being covered. Every class has the necessary equipment and instruments required for the training supported by trainers. Each instructor undergoes over 150 hours of training in the first year alone.

BlueTimbre also works on a completely different model compared to other Music Schools. BlueTimbre offers Performance Course , which runs for a duration of four months and ends with a Performance , Back Up Video Classes, Song Learning Classes, Master Classes/WorkShops , Jam Sessions , World-Class Curriculum, Trained and Certified Teachers as well as many more benefits. 

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What Courses does BlueTimbre Offer?

BlueTimbre currently offers Courses in the following:

  • Guitar (Performance Course)
  • Drums (Performance Course)
  • Western Vocals (Performance Course)
  • Hindustani Vocals (Performance Course)
  • Piano & Keyboard (Performance Course)
  • Audio Production
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Does BlueTimbre have Solo Classes? How does it work?

Solo classes are one to one classes. We offer solo classes for advanced students only. Classes will be held once a week and will be prefixed based on teacher/student schedule availability. 

The fee structure for solo classes will be INR 4000 (plus GST) for one month. The fee is subject to changes from time to time. Monthly payment for these classes can be done only through the APP.

Kindly contact our offices or write to us at info@bluetimbre.com to know about solo classes and the availability of the slots.

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What is a Performance Course?

Performance Course runs in batches with 2 classes a week. BlueTimbre will focus on teaching music on a weekly basis with 2 sessions. One weekday* class will cover Music Theory  and will conduct workshops on various topics to cover a wider range in musicianship on Weekends . Each batch at the end of 4 months will get to perform. Each student who enrols for a batch will be able to perform like a Rock Star! (*Kindly note there will be auditions for the performance).

This performance will be held at our own BlueTimbre Studios or at an outside venue Stage.

Performance Course will run in batches therefore it will have a start date and an end date, prefixed schedule and the schedule /timetable will be given to the student  during the orientation/first counselling . The classes will run according to it. There will not be any pause option for this course. The age criteria is Adults or 14 years and above. 

Please contact our offices for upcoming batches and fee details/offers. 

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What does the Performance Course consist of?

Instruments offered: Piano, Drums, Guitar, Western Vocals and Hindustani Vocals

Workshops: These are weekly group classes on various topics. Classes on Musicianship, Rhythm, Vocal Harmony and more.

Song Learning: Students will learn songs that they will be playing/performing for final performance.

Performance: Each batch at the end of 4 months will get to perform. Each student who enrolls for a batch will be able to perform like a Rock Star!

Assessments & Certification: Students will go through an assessment towards the end of the 4-month course and will be issued a Certificate as well.

Jam Sessions: Students of a batch will start Jamming with peers to form bands and practice in preparation for their performance in the 3rd month of the course.

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Why Performance Course?

Over the years of teaching students, we at BlueTimbre Music believe that Performing Music is a fundamental and important part of any musicians journey. It is our belief that music is better shared and performing, is a deep and profound experience for both the performer and the audience. A Performance opportunity provides a measurable goal to work towards. Having a performance helps to drive lessons, practice and adds a charge to the musicians journey. End of the day it’s going to be fun.

Performance Course will run in batches therefore it will have a start date and an end date, prefixed schedule and the schedule /timetable will be given to you during the orientation. The classes will run according to it. There will not be any pause option for this course.

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How many levels does Performance Course have?

The Performance Course is divided into 3 levels;

  • Level 1 (Basics)
  • Level 2 (Intermediate)
  • Level 3 (Advanced)

Fundamentals is the basic beginner level and as you progress you will get to intermediate and higher level. All beginners at BlueTimbre get assigned to Beginner batch 

If you are a complete beginner, you would need to go through this level as it introduces the basics of music, your voice or the instrument you have chosen to learn. Some students may be at a higher level when they join, an assessment is made by the teacher and then assigned to the correct batch. 

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How many students are in a class?

The number of students in our classes can vary from 5 to 8 students. This depends on the number of instruments and spaces available in the class. Typically, a vocals class will tend to have more students than an instrument class.

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Payment Options

You can pay the fees for the Courses Via BlueTimbre APP, Google Pay, Paytm, Bank transfer and Cash. The BlueTimbre UPI ID is bluetimbre@kotak.

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I am a Beginner in Music

Contact our offices or write to us at info@bluetimbre.com to set up a demo with a Teacher.   Here the teacher assess your capabilities and introduce you to the Fundamentals of the Performance course.

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I am a beginner in drums, what should I purchase?

For a beginner in drums, we would recommend the following items:

  • Drum Sticks– We recommend using sizes 7A drum sticks. (Recommended brands: Vic Firth Nova, Zildjian, Pro Mark)
  • Practice pads for hands– 12-inch size. Recommended brands: Muman, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Stagg (preferably purchase a practice pad that comes with a stand, if not please purchase a snare stand or a good strong stool to keep it on). This is very essential for a drum student to practice.
  • Bass drum Practice pads (for feet)– Recommended brands: Mapex Falcon POP1000, Pearl BD10 (you will need to purchase pedals additionally – Recommended brands: Stagg PP50, TAMA HP30, Basix PD800)
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I have some prior knowledge in Music

BlueTimbre’s Demo class is designed to assess the student’s capabilities and place the student in the correct level. The teacher will then guide the student to the office manager who will either set up another demo session or place them in the correct level of the Performance Course batches. 

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I am a beginner in guitar, what instrument should I purchase?

For a beginner in guitar, we would recommend the following:

  • Type– Acoustic Guitar, you can also purchase an electric guitar but that would also require an amplifier and/or cables.
  • Brands– Pluto, Granada, Yamaha, Fender (based on your budget)
  • Size – Full size
  • Preferable model is Yamaha F310 (Acoustic)
  • Additional Items– Plectrums (at least 10) and a clip-on tuner (to tune the guitar)
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I am a beginner in keyboard or piano, what instrument should I purchase?

For a beginner in keyboard/piano, we would recommend the following beginner level keyboard(s) (61-key):

  • We recommend the Casio CTK 4400, Yamaha I455, Yamaha PSR E453 or Yamaha PSR E353
  • The two main criteria to look for in the keyboard is that is must have 61 keys and Touch Response.
  • Touch Response (Sensitive) means that the keyboard should sound loud if you play it with force whereas if you play it softly, the sound should be less – essentially, it responds to finger touch and how much pressure you put on the keys.
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Where can I purchase musical instruments?

  • The easiest way is to purchase online at www.amazon.in or www.bajaao.com
  • Local stores in Bangalore include Tone Zone (Opposite Brigade Metropolis) or Sound Glitz (Innovative Multiplex, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli)
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Renting an Instrument

Renting an instrument has never been easier than with our partners Cayal (based in Whitefield, Bangalore) in order to do so. They cater to all of Bangalore and can source an instrument to you quickly and hassle free! Just got to www.cayal.in, register as a borrower and request the instrument or item that you wish to rent. Cayal does the rest!

You may also find other things to rent like books, kids toys and more!

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Creating a login

You can login using your Facebook profile, Google profile or by signing up with your email ID and mobile number. You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) that you need to enter. Once that is completed, you will be asked to choose a location – please select the location of your choice. Now you will be at the landing page.

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Creating a student profile

When you try to book a class, you will be prompted to choose a student else create a student profile. If you haven’t already created a student profile, please create one. You need to enter your name and your age.

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Types of Membership

Once you have experienced BlueTimbre’s Music Classes and are interested in enrolling for the Performance Course – we provide 4-months membership options. Please contact our offices for any offers/discounts.

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Don’t have a Music Instrument?

If you don’t have a music instrument, you don’t need to worry. BlueTimbre classes are fully equipped with the necessary instruments and accessories for your learning. However, in order to develop your skills in the instrument, we recommend you purchase an instrument at home to practice. 

Guitar students are required to carry their own Guitars for the classes and Jams.

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How does a student progress to the next Level?

In order to move to the next level in our progressive Music Curriculum of Performance Course  the student needs to complete the syllabus. Once the syllabus is complete, the student will be ready for an assessment. The assessment is used to determine if the student has knowledge of all the theory, techniques and song requirements of that level.The assessment is held after the completion of 12 sessions. You can refer to your class schedule for further information once you are enrolled. 

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