Jam Room

Bands practicing at homes are constantly faced with noise complaints by roommates, neighbours and police. BlueTimbre offers a haven for performers to practice their craft. Furnished with modern gear such as drum kit, microphones, amplifiers and good soundproofing, our jam room is a contemporary space for musicians to practice and hone their skills. Our Jam Room is located in Whitefield, Bangalore – near Varthur Lake.

You can even avail the live band recording facility at our jam room to create your band profile or identity.

We have state-of-the-art facilities in our jam room. Bands can rent out this space for practice sessions.

The services offered are:

  • Practice session live Recording
  • Instrumental live Recording



Mixer – Samson Mixer MixPad® MXP144FX (with FX & USB)


Marshall MG102 CFX – Guitar Amplifier (with foot controller)

Fender Mustang III V2 – Guitar Amplifier

Hartke  HD 150 – Bass Amplifier

Roland KC 150 – Keyboard Amplifier

Drum Kit

TAMA Imperial Star

Paiste 201 Cymbal Set

Microphones – Shure SM58

PA System – Samson Expedition 115A


So, next time you are in Whitefield, Bangalore – stop by and ask to see our facilities!

Charges are hourly and packages are available for longer sessions. Click to book your practice slots.

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