BlueTimbre offers Music lessons through Music Pandit, our Online Music Education website. Click to see our learning plans.



INSTRUMENTS OFFERED: You can choose one of the following – Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Hindustani Vocals or Western Vocals. We also offer Audio Production – this is held at our Centre – BlueTimbre Music, Whitefield, Bangalore (we will soon be offering this online as well).


AGE CRITERIA: Kids from 6+ years and Adults.


TIME REQUIRED: For the lessons, we recommend that you spend between 30-60 minutes, based on your time availability. We also recommend that you spend atleast 20 minutes to practice daily and whatever you learn in each lesson. For the Audio Production Classes, you will be having one class a week for 60 minutes.

INFRASTRUCTURE: For Music lessons, we recommend that you have the necessary instruments and equipment.  For the Audio Production course, you would need some equipment. Please see here for more information on what you need to have for the lessons – https://www.bluetimbre.com/faq/.


CURRICULUM: We believe in a simple philosophy of teaching the concepts, techniques clearly so that students can eventually play or perform any song they wish! Students will be learning a globally recognised world-class music curriculum, currently we have the Fundamental and Intermediate levels for all instruments. Higher level will be coming soon.


SIGN UP:  To sign up for our online Music lessons, please go to Music Pandit. To sign up for our Audio Production class, please register on: https://forms.gle/Sz3tP1PoGHo7g6pA8