COURSES – Performance Oriented

INSTRUMENTS OFFERED: You can choose one of the following – Piano, Guitar, Drums, Hindustani Vocals or Western Vocals. We also offer Audio Production (this is not a performance course, kindly see the Audio Production course page for more details).


AGE CRITERIA: Adults and 14 year above.


FREQUENCY OF CLASSES: BlueTimbre will focus on teaching music on a weekly basis with 2 sessions, 1 weekday class and conduct workshops on various topics to cover a wider range in musicianship on Saturdays. Current level offered for the batch is Fundamentals (For Beginners)

INFRASTRUCTURE: BlueTimbre provides Keyboard(s), top notch Drum kits, speakers and material in the class. On occasion, students may be introduced to the microphone and have to learn to sing using the same. However, students are still required to have instruments at home for practice. *Guitar students are required to bring your own instruments for class.

PERFORMANCE: Each batch at the end of 4 months will get to perform. Each student who enrols for a batch will be able to perform like a Rock Star! (*Kindly note there will be auditions for the performance). This performance will be held at our own BlueTimbre Studios or at an outside venue Stage.


CURRICULUM: We believe in a simple philosophy of teaching the concepts, techniques clearly so that students can eventually play or perform any song they wish! Students will be learning a globally recognized world-class music curriculum designed and developed at BlueTimbre, currently we have the Fundamental levels for all instruments. Higher level batches will be coming soon.

What we offer in a batch:

  • Workshops: These are weekly group classes on various topics. Classes on Musicianship, Rhythm, Vocal Harmony and more.
  • Song Learning: Students will learn songs that they will be playing/performing for final performance.
  • Performance: Each batch at the end of 4 months will get to perform. Each student who enrols for a batch will be able to perform like a Rock Star! 
  • Assessments & Certification: Students will go through an assessment towards the end of the 4 month course and will be issued a Certificate as well.
  • Jam Sessions: Students of a batch will start Jamming with peers to form bands and practice in preparation for their performance in the 3rd month of the course.

The 4 Months are structured as follows:

Months 1, 2 & 3 – Fundamentals of Music (Practical,Theory & Song Learning)
Month 4 – Jamming & Performance Preparation
End of Month 4 – Music Show Performance!


Upcoming Batches (start dates) – for Performance Course Only

  1. 25th Feb 2020 (evening batch)
  2. 28th Feb 2020 (morning batch)


If you are interested to join this batch kindly fill up your details in the link given below. We offer limited seats only and works on a first come first serve basis.

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