Teaser Video of ‘Luttappi’ by Noodlez

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NEW VIDEO >> Watch the teaser of the upcoming track ‘Luttappi‘ by NoodleZ – proudly presented by BlueTimbre Music‘s Studio <<

NoodleZ is a young band formed whilst the members were all studying in college together in Kollam, Kerala. NoodleZ, as its name indicates brings its own craziness to their music, bringing flavors of Folk Rock, Metal, Classical music, Hindustani and Instrumental music. The band members are young and vibrant and bring a unique style and vibe to crowds at their shows.

Earlier this year, NoodleZ won the 1st prize at the Popular Rally‘s Battle of the Bands and won a chance to record their original composition ‘Luttappi’ at BlueTimbre’s Studio in Bangalore, India. You can watch their perfomances by following their page and their concert schedule. BlueTimbre is extremely proud and excited to be able to launch their first Music Video and Original composition ‘Luttappi’.

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