You Raise Me Up (Cover) | Kenneth Ashish

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BlueTimbre is proud to present “You Raise Me Up”, by Kenneth (Vocal instructor at BlueTimbre). This song is a Josh Groban cover song that is recorded, mixed and mastered at BlueTimbre Studios.

Please see the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g5n2mHD5n8 

Lead Vocals by: Kenneth, Vocal Instructor – BlueTimbre

Supporting Vocals by BlueTimbre Vocal Students: Aayush, Advaita, Ayana, Hiya & Keshav




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We hope you enjoy the video and keep watching this space for more videos and profiles of BlueTimbre and our people.


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at BlueTimbre Studios

Sound Engineer: Lionel D’Mello

Video by: Sherin Winstent

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